August 1, 2018

Secrets to Achieving Your Dreams

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Young, Carefree & Adventurous

Remember when you were a carefree, adventurous kid, with the world at your fingertips. Not too many things to worry about, maybe only making sure you didn’t tip the swing set over as you pumped your feet to go higher. Oh, how I love the swings and vividly remember gazing up at the clouds and endless blue sky. Swinging higher and inching closer, imagining that if I jumped I would land in those marshmallows clouds.

I would close my eyes and was flying with the wind in my hair and my imagination would take off. You may say I have “my head in the clouds”. Through the years I’ve noticed that some frown upon the “head in the clouds” mentality. They tend to view my endless passions as complex and impractical. Here’s the unpleasant part, I believed what they were saying and I started to hide my dreams.

Do You Believe Everything You Hear?

They were right, yes what I want to accomplish in this life is complex and and seem too far-fetched. The dreamer in me started to disappear. I could feel the negativity and lack of conviction pouring into my veins like poison. I put myself in situations where I knew the outcome wouldn’t be what I wanted but it was a comfortable. However, I was kicked flat on my butt with the reality I’m not meant to take the easy way.

Copy of I know this isn't what I want to do, but I have to continue to do this because (insert excuse here) which will help me achieve my goals (3)

The Growing Pains

Growth, a word we hear all of our lives. “Oh how you have grown” or “you’re so grown up” but that growth comes almost naturally with life. However, it’s the internal, personal growth that other’s may not see so vividly. It’s when you take the time, to find oneness with yourself and decide the person you want to be. It doesn’t just happen on a quiet Sunday day cozy on the couch, it takes time. Time to work out whatever has been sabotaging you in the first place (insert here). In my life, it was self-doubt, lack of confidence and life experiences.

For the better part of a year, I made time for myself and started the growth within myself. Once I realized I had the absolute power to achieve my dreams and what it would entail me to do, I felt free. Read below for my secrets on how you too can achieve your goals. How to make them a reality and know you have the power to change your path. All I ask is, open your mind and heart to explore you and all you can achieve.

Start Achieving & Succeeding

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When you ask someone what their goals are in life, you hear the common “society laws that we abide by” such as a nice home, a healthy growing family and usually a certain increment of money. Let’s play a game, you receive a magic stone and can produce anything you want. Would you ask for those three things listed above? When defining your goals they have to come from you, your deepest wants and desires. As a result, they can’t be someone else’s because that isn’t your vision. If you don’t have a complete understanding of your goals how can you take the steps to achieve them?

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Take a moment, grab a notebook or a piece of paper and start to scribble down the goals you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to write something down or think it’s an unreachable goal, just write it down. Next, let’s take a look at what we wrote and zone in on what we want to accomplish. Review your dreams, combine similar goals and cut down on the number of words until you’re left with a clear, simple statement.

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There they are, sitting right in front of us, our clear and defined goals. We are feeling great and that we’re set on the right path to success. Now, have you ever opened the fridge, started a grocery list in your head only to forget when you get the store? It happens all the time, we produce over 50,000 thoughts in a single day, 50,000 people! That is a lot of information to remember and process, therefore it’s easy to forget. So how can we keep our goals at top of mind every day? It’s very simple, remind yourself!

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Trust, to a certain degree, I feel we all experience issues with trust. Whether it’s with our own willpower, trusting others or allowing others to trust us. From personal experience it can be hard to trust, simply for the fear of being let down. We hold a high standard of what we expect from life and when things change trust can be lost. We begin to question the people around us, the journey we are headed on and maybe even ourselves.

Let’s say that I told you that you can achieve everything you wanted, would you believe me? Most likely not as we tend to think realistically and technical. We live a life that if we can’t see something right in front of us, it is hard to believe that it will. Yet, there are many amazing experiences, people throughout our lives that we didn’t see coming. So trust that the goals you want to achieve are in your complete power. Trust yourself and your journey.

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You will see that the more small steps you take towards your goals the closer you’re to succeeding. Those individuals that wish and do nothing, will have a hard time with believing because not much is happening. Remember you play a giant part in your goals succeeding. No one else can’t carry out my wishes because like I’ve said, they’re MINE! What I find works best for me, is to write out at least three things I can do now that will help me thrive. I know that these small gains will carry out to what I truly want.

You’ve Got This

  1. Vox says:

    Great tips to make sure that our goals stay at the forefront in our lives and have a greater chance of becoming our reality.

  2. Maria says:

    Loved the tips! They are easy to follow. We just need to be more positive and put positive energy out there. Law of Attraction.

  3. C. K. says:

    LOVE the layout of this! So pretty. Also, very awesome tips.

  4. Misty says:

    Thank you for sharing! I wrote about the same thing this week. It’s so easy to move along without growing. These are great tips for staying focused!

  5. This was a beautiful article and definitely something I needed to read! Thanks so much for these tips and for inspiring us to keep working towards our dreams.

  6. Crystal says:

    Really great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  7. klolszewski says:

    I stumbled across this post completely by chance when I just so happened to be scrolling through WordPress reader…which I almost NEVER do….

    But the fact that I did find this post is incredible because I loved it. It’s the kind of read that starts off great and you can deter your eyes! I loved what you were saying and I really felt it.

    • porshbritt says:

      Thank you truly for your kind words. I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. I’m glad it showed up on your post at the right time ☺️

  8. Mide says:

    These tips are so accurate and a great reminder too! And i love your blog, it’s so neat and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Asia says:

    You’re so right! We do have an issue with trust! Loved all your tips!

  10. 50,000 thoughts! Whoa! Definitely helps me realize how important it is to write things down.

  11. mlgreengarden says:

    A great reminder of what is needed to achieve our dreams. I especially liked the reminder to trust the process. Sometimes we’re doing exactly what we need to in order to reach our dreams, even though we may not see it immediately. Thanks for sharing

  12. Doug Paulson says:

    Very true. We need to stop the negative thoughts . Your tips are great for helping to stay focused. Thanks for sharing.

  13. ashleestuart says:

    Creating goals is something that people don’t think is important, but is completely vital to success. Having goals gives you something to work toward, and it can help align strategies that work towards the goal. Trusting the process is something that I had to learn along the way of putting my content out into the world, but I am so glad I did.


  14. NunziaDreams says:

    Wow, such a profound and insightful post. I can relate to feeling unmotivated after hearing other people’s opinions of my dreams growing up.

    I love that line, “When defining your goals they have to come from you, your deepest wants and desires. They can’t be someone else’s wishes or dreams for you because that isn’t your vision.” Also agree that the first step to living your dream is to define exactly what it is. So very true.

    Thanks for sharing this, dear.

  15. A says:

    That’s great content 🙂

  16. Rayane says:

    Really helpful!

  17. Rachael says:

    I so needed this post!! thank you!!

  18. I Raise Businesses + Babies says:

    Wonderful blog post

  19. Amanda says:

    Great points! I need to write down my goals! I think it would help to visualize them better!

  20. Andrea Bolder says:

    I love the part about defining your goals. What’s important is to be limitless; limitless in your thinking & in your vision. Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG.

  21. krish says:

    I gree with you….any dream can be achieved provided we have a systematic approach and have belief in our own abilities…the first step to achieving a dream is defining it..
    Thank you

  22. Cristal says:

    It’s so horrible how our mindset and faith in what we can do changes as we get older! These are some good tips to get yourself out of your own way. Thanks for the post!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing “steps” to achieving this! Great post!

  24. sensibledove says:

    These are really good tips. Thanks for sharing.
    Judy @sensibledove

  25. Deserted_Queen says:

    When we were kids, we had a lot of big dreams, most of us aren’t following what dreams we had in our childhood. Great post, thanks for sharing.!

  26. Nina says:

    Dreams keep our goals alive. The more we dream, the more we strive to reach our goals. Sadly, growing up will teach you not all dreams are worth pursuing.

  27. Charu Sharma says:

    Such a motivating post! This is the right way to work towards your goal. Thank you!

  28. Yeah!! Thanks for sharing this lovely piece, enjoy reading it & starting to retrieve my dreamsss again 😀 A great reminder to me. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  29. Ketki Gadre says:

    I think being positive no matter what makes one believe and ultimately achieve the dreams. Great tips.

  30. Posts like this not only motivate me but remind me to keep the faith. Thank you so much for posting. I will never ever sabotage my dream, instead I will do my very best to achieve it.

    • porshbritt says:

      You’ve got it! We all need a little motivation and you can sometimes received it in the most unexpected places. You will achieve great things in this life, keep it up!

  31. I love the conviction in this post….. Granted one will follow with full conviction …. I affirm that achieving goal is inevitable….

  32. dreams are really a great way to give us a head start on what we need, but if we keep dreaming its not even worth talking about it. We need to wake up and sweat for it.

  33. Really well written and really relatable! Wonderful advice and tips! I really believe that working towards your dreams can make it reality even if it’s not exactly what you might have imagined!

  34. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    Well dreams would remain dreams if you don’t work for it. 🙂 love this article.

  35. amayszingblogs says:

    do the things to make a dream come true. to achieve your goal you need to strive to become a successful. This is a great advice from you!

  36. Great way to put simple things across that we often overlook. Many of us have so many thoughts and ideas and a few o then turn into dreams. Sometimes the problem is choosing the realistic one:)

  37. panushwari says:

    Slow, but clearly focused, is the key!

  38. Everything On A Plate says:

    We can so relate to your blog post! And we have to say your typography is spot on!

  39. Mom used to say “a dreamless person is a corpse. I totally agree

  40. I also have a dream, and I thought it could not happen. But the truth is that no dream is impossible. Thanks for your meaningful sharing ^^

  41. We must have dreams to pursue. It becomes the motivation for us to keep moving forward.

  42. Definitely agree with this. Just continue to keep chasing your dreams and focus on the feeling of having it and you’ll definitely have it. Trust me!

  43. Perry Wilson says:

    Never, never, never surrender your dreams

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hi Porsche! I can relate! I have always been a dreamer myself and have achieved some of them through prayers and a little hardwork (emphasis on the word little). That is when I realized that I have always done so little that I have only achieved some of my dreams and not all. So I started hustling with a brand new dream. Let’s wish each other luck! We can do this, Porsche!

  45. Jennifer Tucker says:

    I completely relate to this, “I was kicked flat on my butt and was slapped in the face with the reality I’m not meant to take the easy way out let alone follow anyone else’s path.” Sometimes I wish I could be satisfied with a simple, easy life but I’ve mostly come to accept that that’s not who I am.

    Also love your genie-in-a-bottle question. It really did force my deepest desire/s to pop to the forefront of my mind.

  46. Sheena D says:

    Love this! inspiring and so well written.
    Your blog is beautiful.

  47. Thank you for sharing! Nice way to break it down in to simplicity in order to make it achievable.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I so needed to read this today! Thanks so much for posting!

  49. Lana A.S. says:

    Great post! Thank you for this!

  50. jeni says:

    Great post! Thank you for sharing!

  51. Dagmara says:

    I think that one of the things that holds us back is definitely fear, fear of failure and the “what will they say” syndrome when you decide to work towards your dreams. There will always be moments that might turn out differently from what we have hoped for, but this shouldn’t keep us from trying and continuing to stick with the dream.

  52. Crystal says:

    I like how the most important part is the last step. Moving forward is the only way you will ever come close to achieving your goals.

  53. arielshanelle says:

    Thank you for such an inspirational posts! I’m currently working on mastering self communication. I can so easily talk myself out of something. (like waking up early!)

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