Copy of Oh,

I started this lifestyle blog after soul-searching and remembering what I loved doing as a kid, being creative! From writing in my journals, sharing stories to capturing moments with a single flash of a camera. Now what could I do with that? Share it right here in my little nook in this wide beautiful world.

Everyone has a story and chapters that are filled with laughter and love, while others are filled with challenges and obstacles. My hope is that by creating a place of shared stories, they will bring guidance, inspiration and maybe even a couple of laughs.

Now, we hear all the time how we never have any time to be creative, between our full time jobs, families to take care and a number of other responsibilities. Or even worse you hear someone say “I’m not creative’. Well, I’m telling you, YES YOU ARE and my little “how-to’s” will help you tap into your creative genius self!




Altered Scales