Get 1 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest and Double Your Instagram

Get 1 Million Monthly Views on Pinterest and Double Your Instagram

Who out there in the social world is having a love/hate relationship with Pinterest?

You’ve either just started your business/blog and are pinning like crazy but your monthly views can’t seem to hit over 3k. Or you’re a veteran and you’re monthly numbers are decent yet you want to drive more traffic to your site. Take a deep breath, grab some wine and let’s sit on the couch and dive into this together.

When I started my blog Porshbritt, I researched some amazing, inspiring bloggers for guidance. I would look at each of their social accounts, posts and business and my jaw dropped in amazement at their success. So, of course, I’ll admit the truth, I searched on Pinterest ways to drive traffic to my site. I signed up with a billion different apps that said they had the “Full Proof Plan on How to Grow Your Business Using Pinterest”.

My phone was so overfilled with apps it became a rainbow of craziness and my login/password file was a mess. I knew I needed to make a change. So I went back to my blogging super role models, and dissected their blog:Untitled design

The answers that I kept coming up with were Pinterest and Instagram. The two powerful social media outlet were what drove these powerful bloggers’ pages. Think about how many times you look at your Instagram feed or spend an entire afternoon pinning away. However we don’t have entire afternoons to spend posting content and pinning away. Therefore I had to find something that worked for my life and what I want to accomplish. So here is my little secret weapon. The thing that helped me build my Pinterest to 540k in less than 3 months and doubled my engagement on my Instagram.


Check out the results on my Pinterest after 1 month of using Tailwind. The results blew my mind away as they continued to grow day after day. I was able to see which pins were bringing in the most interaction, sending people to my blog as well what times were the best for engagement.

Visual Marketing from Tailwind

TAILWIND! This tool allows me to drive traffic to my blog and keep my followers engaged by helping me organize my posts and schedule them when I can’t.

Pinterest: Now I usually spend about 1-2 hours on Sunday on my couch, watching the latest “This Is Us” episode, drinking wine and pinning away for the week or so. I have it set up to pin at least 10 times a day, and schedule them at the best times of the day for each day of the week.

Instagram: There is so much to say about how this app has changed my Instagram game. I’m able to write down content at any time inspiration strikes, whether it’s cruising along the Kangamangus in New Hampshire or listening to Frank Sinatra as I make our homemade delicious tomato sauce. It not only auto posts for me, but it also suggests which hashtags I should use to boost engagement.

Just check this out for yourself! Trust me this will change your “social” life and bring more traffic to your blog then you thought possible. I can’t stress enough how amazing this is for new bloggers as well as seasoned bloggers.

I want to share with you, my beautiful followers the chance to get a FREE MONTH of Tailwind! Click on the picture below and sign up!

Happy Posting and Scheduling!


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