Free People Winter Fashion

Free People Winter Fashion

The air changes to a crisp wind, the leaves have all fallen to the ground, hints of cinnamon fill the stores and you know it is Winter time. It’s now that you head up to the attic or the back of your closet and grab your chunky sweaters, cozy socks that you want to wrap around your entire body and long sleeve shirts in all of the earthy tones. Living in New England, I have found that you can’t have enough long coats, cardigans that wrap your body and of course some Sperry boots.

Shopping for great deals runs in my blood as I learned from the best, my mom. So whenever I come across a piece that is a steal, I have to add it to my closet. To get ready for this winter I wanted to add some unique finds to my wardrobe. I switched things up from the normal New England wardrobe must-haves and decided to add bohemian winter pieces. Check them out below!

Free People Tan Cutout Blouse

I’ve never gotten so much feedback on any piece of clothing as much as this little number. This lightweight, bohemian Free People tan cutout blouse doesn’t stay on the hanger for long. From the adorable little tassels on the front to the cutouts on the bottom of the sleeves, it’s the perfect top to wear running out to grab lunch with your best friend or for date night. I normally pair it with my favorite pair of Calvin Klein skinny jeans and boots, however when I’ve worn it with my Chuck Taylors. I do have to say keep your eye on this piece as my mom has literally tried to steal this, LOL!

Free People Burnt Orange Sweater

What are your colors? Not your favorite colors, but those colors that run across your closet, the ones who bring out your eyes, or your skin tone. You know the colors I’m talking about when you pick up a shirt and say “Oh yes, this is SO my color!” I have a couple of different hues, but one of my favorites is a burnt orange. With my fair tan complexion, this color blends well with my skin, and also looks great with my blue eyes!

I found this sweater in my favorite frugal store, Frugal Fannies (doesn’t the name just suit it so well!). I was instantly drawn to the color and cut of the sweater, but when I pulled it off the rack I wasn’t sure on how it would fit. It was one of those moments where as soon as you look in the mirror, you know you are buying it! How could I not where it was an additional 30% off it low price anyways. This Free People Burnt Orange is a signature look for your fall and winter fashion as it can easily be paired with jeans, trousers or a skirt.

Free People Chunky Knit Striped Cardigan

This last staple closet piece, had a light shine down on it in the store. It seemed like that moment in a romance movie where the star-crossed lovers finally admit their love to one another and the violins play. I love love love, didn’t I mention I love cardigans and this chunky sweater cardigan had my name written all over it. Those wintry, cold morning where the warmth of your bed leaves you as brownish-orange ready, I instantly grab this Free People Chunky Knit Striped Cardigan and its softness and chunky knitting feels like I’m being wrapped in my warm down comforter. I love to wear this with a classic white shirt or grey shirt, with boyfriend style jeans and ankle boots.

So December 21st has arrived and the snow will start to fall, hot chocolate will be sipped, kisses will happen underneath the mistletoe and of course you will look cute and fashionable in your Free People winter must haves.

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