What’s In My Bag: US Weekly Style

What’s In My Bag: US Weekly Style

Arms up! Who has flipped through the magazines at the salon while getting your hair did, and stumbled across the juicy “What’s In My Bag” piece in the US Weekly? Guilty pleasure over here, so now it’s my turn. As we head into the colder months and the chunky sweaters, hunter boots, and flannel for days, it’s the perfect time to pull out my Marc Jacobs Large Quilted Nylon Tote Bag. This bag and I fell in love when I found it tucked all the way in the bag of the purse rack at my local Marshalls and we have been going strong ever since. It’s been with me everywhere, whether it’s in the sunny Miami beaches or on our road trip through New England. It sometimes reminds of Mary Poppins bag where she keeps pulling out things for the kids and always has everything you could possibly need. In the fall and winter I seem to carry more things in my bag, gloves, extra socks, books, leftover Halloween candy (LOL) and this little baby holds all of that and more.


Copy of Portia

Copy of Portia (1).jpg

Copy of Portia (2).jpg

Copy of Portia

Check these other must-have items I carry with me always and don’t forget to leave a comment on your personal favorites, I’m always looking for new products!



Portia (1)

 MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara (Amazon $30)

Smashbox Always On Gel Eyeliner (Ulta $10)

Marc Jacobs Large Quilted Nylon Tote (Black) (Amazon $210)

Sun Bum Mango Lip Balm (Ulta $4)

Kate Spade New York Spiral Notebook-Quick and Curious (Amazon $14)

The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well (Amazon $11)

Living Proof Dry Shampoo (Ulta $13)

Burberry Blush for Women ,0.25 Fl Oz (Amazon $30)

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