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Moments in Time

You see them unfolding in front of you, those moments that you want to capture the emotion you’re feeling. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and paint the picture in your mind, engulf yourself in the moment for as long as you can. Pictures have that same ability, to bring us back to a simple moment in time.

These photographs recreate a moment in time and paint a picture for the others who weren’t there. A picture captures the emotions of the people and shows a glimpse into their soul. It can capture a landscape so great and try to hold it in our small hands for an eternity.


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  1. Those are some very beautiful pictures! I love the one with the water and the sky its breathtaking. The mountain and sky is beautiful also. They are just all gorgeous except maybe the shoes, shoes don’t do anything for me. I’m sure it meant something to you though the reason for the picture.

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